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KOREA NIX CO., LTD. is a South Korea company, located in 85-40, Jukjung-Ri, Hakgyo-Myun, Hampyeong-Gun, Chollanam-Do 525-813. more detail is as below.

Company Information

  • Company Name: KOREA NIX CO., LTD.
  • Country: South Korea
  • Address: 85-40, Jukjung-Ri, Hakgyo-Myun, Hampyeong-Gun, Chollanam-Do 525-813
  • International Area Code: 82
  • Phone: 82-61-3237831
  • Fax: 82-61-3236935
  • Contact: Koreanix
  • Website:
  • Product List: Chemicals, Plastics, and Raw Materials Rubber and Plastics
  • Employees: 11 - 50
  • Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establish: 1988
  • Profile: We developed the vacuum cleaner hose with active investment and pioneering will in September of 1982 when the vacuum cleaner was not popular in Korea, brought a great change in the industry of vacuum cleaner manufacturing which depended on income to secure the materials of manufacturing it, played a part to make it popularize, take part in the development of a new product with a potential technology and compete with prominent products in the world as the hose manufacturer. In addition, we established the factory in Tientsin, China with the intention to secure the world market and strengthen the competitiveness and secured the bridgehead for establishing sale network in the world market. Oct. 1988 : Succeeded in developing WIRELESS HOSE for vacuum cleaners first in Korea. Oct. 1992 : Acquired the UL Mark with Vacuum Cleaner Hose Dec. 1993 : Succeeded in developing UP RIGHT for vacuum cleaners first in Korea. May. 1995 : Established the Corporation in Tientsin, China. May. 1996 : Succeeded in developing High-tension Hose for European Washing Machine. Aug. 1996 :Selected as the Promising Enterprise with Advanced Technology by Small and Medium Industry Office. July. 1997 : Acquired ISO 9002 Certification. Dec. 1997 : Succeeded in developing JABARA hose for drier and hot wind blower. Oct. 1998 : Receiving Presidential prize of Industrial-educational technical cooperation May 2000 : Venture Enterprise Assignment
  • Area: Chollanam-Do

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