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HAE KYUNG CO.,LTD is a South Korea company, located in 1247-2 Yeonsan-dong Mokposi Chollanam-do 530-370 Korea. more detail is as below.

Company Information

  • Company Name: HAE KYUNG CO.,LTD
  • Country: South Korea
  • Address: 1247-2 Yeonsan-dong Mokposi Chollanam-do 530-370 Korea
  • International Area Code: 82
  • Phone: 82 - 61 - 2722541
  • Fax: 82 - 61 - 2729853
  • Contact: Kwangju, Choi
  • Website:
  • Product List: From the time when being founded in September 1988, Haekyung Co., Ltd. has put the effort into the research and development of promotion in agricultural and fishery area with the long-year accumulated technologies and experiences up to pave the way of the state-of-the-art Laver Dryer. <p> Furthermore, our reliable and durable product has been popular in and out of country and we can tell the evidence through the continuous increase of export. In addition, we take a pride in playing a significant role in Korean economy as well as the development of Korean machinery industry. <p> We contributed this fruit to our effort to give customers the reliance and durability of our product and took the burden to make our greatest effort to meet the customers' needs. <p> We promise and guarantee to do our utmost efforts to make a great contribution towards our society and develop to future-creating company as well. <br> <img src="/company/h/haekyung21/upimg/company.jpg">
  • Category Activities: Vehicles and Transportation Automobiles, Trucks, and Buses
  • Employees: 11 - 50
  • Type: Vehicles and Transportation Automobiles, Trucks, and Buses
  • Year of Establish: 1998
  • Area: Chollanam-Do

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