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G.I.M COMPANY LTD is a South Korea company, located in 155-18 Samsung-Ri Mokchon-Myun Cheon An-City Chungnam 330-845. more detail is as below.

Company Information

  • Company Name: G.I.M COMPANY LTD
  • Country: South Korea
  • Address: 155-18 Samsung-Ri Mokchon-Myun Cheon An-City Chungnam 330-845
  • International Area Code: 82
  • Phone: 82-41-5543663
  • Fax: 82-41-5543666
  • Contact: Lucy Jeong trade manager
  • Website:
  • Employees: 51 - 100
  • Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establish: 1999
  • Profile: Our muffler possess 30% in after market. Standard common muffler is base of our system and stainless steel muffler is heart of our system. Now we are producing the common muffler for Hyundai, Kia, Deawoo. And we guarantee quality of ours. Our mother company is Reeyon muffler Company that is established in 1987/09 in DeaJeon, Korea. We renamed GIM company in 1999/07 so we have manufactured for 13 years. Our standard exhaust components are made for common black steel and/or aluminized steel and strictly. We are only use the best quality materials for products. GIM exhaust system that are made by Colking method prevent the rust and corrosion than other company's exhaust system. and can be proved its quality by KS mark, ISO9002, Q mark and so on. There is only one, GIM COMPANY LTD that produce exhaust system professionally. GIM has the professional equipments and machinery. so now on the base long experience that have made common exhaust muffler for 13years we are making and selling the tuning exhaust system. Regarding Stainless steel muffler every piece is built from 100% 304 stainless steel, precision assembled and welded to guarantee the highest quality exhaust components available today. A stainless steel muffler that sounds as good as it looks. All our products are produced using 100% stainless, fabricated by hand for unsurpassed quality craftsmanship. G.I.M stainless steel muffler be welded in place or clamped. The mufflers are available in all popular size and can even be custom craft to any desired length. Available plain or polished, the G.I.M stainless steel mufflers provide you with good looks, good sounds, good performance and it lasts a life time. Because we are manufacturer we can do your private design and OEM. Also, if you become to deal with you, we will protect your private design and OEM. and we are dealing with air intake system. our filter has good design and quality. that is for tuning so helps the car has high performance.
  • Area: Chungnam
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